Outdoor Kitchens


As the sun begins to chase away the chill and your lawn starts to look inviting again, wouldn’t it be nice to relax outdoors with your family and friends? We have come a long way from the days when weekend party preparations required you to roll the barbecue grill out the back door, unfold the card table and struggle to balance it all on an uneven carpet of grass. Today it is so easy to have a full service cooking and recreation area where your favorite people can come together to enjoy the beautiful weather, share some good times and make lasting memories.

You can build a custom outdoor entertainment area to enhance almost any space. Putting all the pieces together is easier than ever. In fact, not all outdoor kitchens are elaborate or complicated installations. Look at the images below from an installation we did back in 2010 to see how easy it can be to not only add value to your property but create a versatile space that is a blank canvas where you can create comfort in your own style…




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